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Letters To The Editor

May 10th, 2010

Dear Editor,

I want to thank you for your fine publication. My wife and I have also purchased many of your products (books, CDs, seeds & the solar generator).

I feel good in that we have a cabin in the mountains with 6-9 months worth of canned food, a deep-freezer full of meats, gallons of frozen citrus, 100’s of pounds of rice, sugar, beans, dried milk, salt, flour, solar power (other than the generator), and the ability to defend ourselves and hunt (hint, wink).

I am a chef and writer and not handy at all, so I have recruited an electrician, a carpenter, and an ex-special forces guy to help round out my “tribe”.

But I have a question – while my cabin is full and I really can’t take any more people, my wife and I have been trying to “wake people up” so they will prepare at least to some extent. To our amazement, nobody seems to believe us. They seem to think, “Oh, someone else will take care of it”. It’s frustrating and depressing. Any advice on getting people to wake up and see the ever-increasing danger all around us?

Any feedback would be most welcome, thanks.

Lew B.

Editor: Lew, as I mentioned in the May 3, 2010 newsletter, the best thing you can do is refer people to newsletters such as this one or other sites where a third party is providing information. Most people will judge you based on what they know about you personally, and discount it based on their evaluation of you. Worse, what you tell them may reveal a lot more about your personal provisions than you really want anyone to know. If they are open to the truth, you can point them in the right direction and know they will make their own decisions.

Dear Editor,

I have enjoyed reading your newsletter over the past few months. I feel that reading it (and following the suggestions) has really helped me prepare my family for the worst, while still hoping for the best. The nuggets of Faith found in each letter prevent me from being overwhelmed by what may be coming.

We are prepared in our current residence, but there is a part of me that wonders if we would be better off just packing up and leaving now. Maybe move to some South American country where there wouldn’t be much to fight over if collapse comes. If Obama and company succeed in establishing a global government, will anywhere be safe? Or will one place be any better than any other place? I am interested in your opinion.

I am sure if most of my friends knew the preparations we have taken, they would think my husband and I are off our rockers. I just don’t want to be like the Jews in Germany in 1940, when they could have gotten out years earlier. I would appreciate it if you might discuss the creation of a list of things that, if they start happening, then we know the time is come. I may be asking for a crystal ball, but I get the feeling that you and your staff have thought about what the “signs” might be.

-A Grateful Reader

Editor: Each area has pros and cons. It is true that increasing numbers of Americans are “escaping” to foreign countries. Some countries in Latin America have the advantage that the state is relatively weak and has little or no ability to control the population. Of course, the lack of infrastructure and development that hampers centralization is often accompanied by other problems, such as crime, corruption and challenging social conditions. However, this is an area of interest to us and we will be reporting on it at length in upcoming editions.

If you would like to mail the editor, please email [email protected]

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