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Letter to the editor

Stockpiling Ammo: How Much Is Too Much?

You have a good article and as you stated we can talk forever about guns and ammo, but I would never use a bolt action rifle for self-defense unless nothing else was available. Germany lost WW2 because they sent three million infantrymen into Russia with bolt-action rifles. My 270 bolt action is good for game and taking down the bad guys at a distance but room to room would not be my weapon of choice. Again, good article and thanks for the input. God bless.



The German’s didn’t lose WWII because of their use of bolt action rifles; there were a greater number of issues than that which contributed to their demise.

Remember, a whole lot of US servicemen were outfitted with the 30-06 Springfield bolt action, as the Garand wasn’t available in wholesale numbers until toward the end of the war. And what did British and Australian soldiers use for the entirety of the war? The venerable old .303 British Enfield.

Son of Liberty

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