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Letters To The Editor

November 8th, 2010

Dear Editor,

Here’s a scary thought, and it has nothing to do with Halloween…

OTG & Survival people are all familiar with the term “bug out’ (nothing to do with letting the flies out!). We all know it describes action taken in an emergency to get yourself & family out of harm’s way, with plenty of supplies, to a safe haven.

Well… if one were EVER to think that a U.S. President were ever to “bug out”, could it look much different than this trip he is taking to India? I mean… it seems he is taking any/everyone who is close to him (estimates run anywhere from 500 to 800 people). He’s taking FORTY jet planes, including Air Force One & Two, & many other specially-fitted aircraft. He’s RESERVING THE ENTIRE TAJ MAHAL. He’s bringing his own chefs. What the heck?

He has the perfect alibi… But is he telling the truth? Or is he setting up an “Obama government in exile”, in preparation for some disaster about to befall the U.S.? Does he know something he isn’t telling us (as if this would be the first time…)

What a perfect symbolic place to set up a government-in-exile – if he were going to do so. I’m not saying that is what he’s doing… how would I, or anyone, know? But the minute I heard the details of this massive move, er, I mean trip, that thought suddenly came over me.

And the fact that his popularity has been plummeting, the fact that things look like he will no longer have a democrat majority in congress to help him ram his agenda into law, and the fact that more and more people seem to be waking up to who the man really is… would seem to make this a really perfect time for “something bad” to happen to the U.S. (perhaps something arranged by his Muslim terrorist buddies?), while he rides out the storm in safety (& luxury) somewhere like the Taj Mahal.

Just a thought. A very scary thought.

Signed, Worried in Maine

Dear Worried,

My gut instinct tells me that this worry of yours is probably not realistic. Obama doesn’t need to destroy the country to instigate a “tyrant-in-chief” administration. He’s accomplished a part of that with his 30+ czars who have gone through no congressional vetting. The sad—and even scarier—fact is that all the groundwork for him to do whatever he wants has been laid down from presidents past. Executive orders, as they exist now, give him all the tools he needs to act in any manner that he chooses without firing the first shot or requiring total civil upheaval to accomplish. This is what happens when we allow ourselves as a country and people to stray so far from the ideals and principles of our founding.

The Editor

Dear Editor,

I would like some questions answered about congressional salaries. It is my understanding that Congress automatically gets a pay raise each year if they don’t vote against it. Is this true and if so, I think something should be done about it. I don’t think Congress should get a raise until they can balance the budget. I also think there should be an across the board 10% pay cut to all government agencies. I live on Social Security and we are not getting a raise for the second year in a row, so why shouldn’t all government agencies be subject to the same tightening of the belt like we are? We have to adjust our living expenses to stay within our income, so why shouldn’t the government? After all, we can’t go down in the basement and print more money when we need it.

Fed up Senior……

Dear Fed up,

Congress has done what it has done for one of two reasons (and many times both!): 1) the American people have been lazy and have not held their elected representatives accountable; and 2) we have become a people with an entitlement mentality and so we elect people who will give us more for nothing. The only problem is there is no free ride. That money has to come from somewhere. If the American people want their government accountable for what they do, then they will have to elect men and women of principle, and not keep putting in the same old folks that brought us this mess in the first place. There are no easy answers, but as we saw this past Tuesday, we can instigate change if we want to.

Thanks for writing!

The Editor

If you would like to contact the editor, please send an email to [email protected].

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