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Letters To The Editor

October 11th, 2010

Dear Editor,

One thing I’ve noticed that has not been covered about preparation is, how do you go about keeping the area you are in from being overrun by brambles until it becomes impassable when there’s no gas to run either tractors or lawnmowers? Some areas, such as where I live on an acre and a quarter, will be impossible to mow even with a hand mower.

Short of buying a goat to keep it down, I was wondering if you had any suggestions.

Any thoughts you may have will be appreciated.

Jim J.

Dear Jim,

I don’t think you should build any plans for the future that are dependent on gasoline. Even if you buried a tank with 500 gallons in it, while it may eventually run out, it will most likely go bad before you use it all. As far as keeping the brambles at bay, I would use them as a perimeter against potential adversaries. While goats may not be your first choice, there are other things that they’re good for, in addition to clearing land, so having a few may be more of an asset than you think!

The Editor

Dear Editor,

I’m writing to Steve who wrote in regard to burying containers: The editor was wise to tell you to watch the moisture level in your container. My brother has a couple of these shipping containers and he has cut (with torches) a vent hole high in one end and low in the opposite end. Cover them with hardware cloth or some tough screening to keep varmints out. The holes will allow air to circulate through, upwards in the day as the box heats up and downward at night as it cools. This will eliminate the condensation problem that these things have.

Sounds like you are well prepared. Keep reading OTGN newsletters, get some good books and learn some of those skills they talk about that will better prepare you for hard times. Practice making do with very little and creating what you need out of what is on hand or found in nature.

Good luck,

Dear T,

Great plan. One thing people should consider is that this kind of shelter might really be ideal for a short-term existence. To survive and thrive long-term, you’re going to have to live above ground, to cultivate your garden, manage livestock, etc. The underground bunker should be used as a short-to-medium term hideout, or as a retreat if gangs that you might not be able to fight off appear in the area. These facilities can also serve as storage for your goods.


The Editor

If you would like to contact the editor, please send an email to [email protected].

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