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Letters To The Editor

September 27th, 2010

Dear Editor,

I am fairly new to “Off the Grid News” and love all you have to share.

In your response to Jerry in the August 16th newsletter, you had mentioned: “Another way to be discrete (in purchasing firearms) would be to have a family member or friend buy the firearm for you. Of course, whatever you do, make sure you are not violating any laws.”

I am glad you had added the last sentence. However, I would like to bring to your attention (and all readers), that if the purchase is being done through a licensed dealer where a Federal form 4473 is being completed, there is a specific question on the form that requires an answer as to whether the purchase is for yourself or another. Most states do not allow one person to purchase for another. It is also against federal law to purchase a firearm for anyone who can not legally own or purchase a firearm on their own. So please be careful.

If anyone has purchased firearms from both private parties and firearms dealers, I would suggest keeping them stored separately, with the ones purchased through private parties more carefully secured.

Thank you,


You’re right. If a federal agent (or someone asking questions on behalf of the government), asks for information, I can’t suggest lying. However, as I suggested before (and several readers subsequently emailed and offered), there’s nothing preventing you from developing an alternative address that you use for ALL your mail. Your home address may very well be out there on the web for anyone to see, and that’s hardly what I would call privacy. If some nut-job (in the government or among the criminal element) thinks you can be easily intimidated, why not have them show up at a UPS Store or an office building where you’ve arranged to receive mail, instead of at your front door?


Dear Sir,

Thank you for your recent newsletter. I just wanted to make a brief comment in regard to the blackouts. In my opinion it would be a safety issue if you had the only lights on at night in a very wide area. In circumstances that may cause wide spread rioting, I would suggest that lifestyle changes be made to not use lights at night, or plan ahead with heavy curtains as was required for blackouts in WWI and WWII to prevent the enemy from having a target.

Best Regards,


You’re quite right. Readers are probably tired of me saying “be discrete” and “keep your mouth shut,” but it is sometimes our actions that attract attention. If everyone else is suffering from a blackout, it might be a good idea to use prudence when operating equipment or using electricity at night. More than likely, we’ll all be getting up at dawn to take advantage of the sunlight anyway, so winding down at night is a great idea!


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