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letters to the editor

More Survival Items (Other Than Food & Water) You Should Stockpile

A colloidal silver generator should be in every emergency stash. It is something that most people will use every day, even in non-emergency routine life, once they learn all of the great benefits and uses for colloidal silver.



Toilet paper, steel wool, pet food and supplies, canning supplies. You can have a huge garden, but you have to know how to preserve it for the off months. Some sweet treats like gum, jelly beans, etc. Not chocolate unless you rotate well as it can go rancid. Use cocoa powder instead. Barter items like coffee, matches and tea. Cigarettes are good, too, but don’t stock anything you personally don’t use.



I have a roll of heavy duty plastic sheeting, wood trim and nails to cover broken windows and still let the light in. Can also use the sheeting to block off rooms and/or hallways to isolate heat. Or cover plants to protect them from winter. And black sheeting would help to keep light from shining out the windows, exposing your location. Buy it from the big hardware stores.


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