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Letters To The Editor

More Ways To Protect Your Rural Home


At a cost of $1,500 per window, I’ve armored my home with burglar-resistant glass that has the added feature of insulation (including windows in big garage door). Door jams have been armored with ¼ inch angle iron from floor to ceiling. Locks are pick proof “Medico” locks. All doors and windows are “alarmed” with loud siren outside and automatic calling of police. Four sides of home are mounted with automatic spot lights which come on when anyone/thing approaches at night. Driveway alert warns me of vehicles/pedestrians entering my property.

‘The Wiseman’


If I’m home I have a 12ga coach shotgun to dissuade both bears and the human animals from potential danger, but if I’m away I use webcams (blinking red lights) with Internet connectivity to my iPhone/iPad and wildlife cameras set up throughout the property along with signs that say “Smile, Your On Camera.” While I’m away from home I can be notified with pictures of motion on the webcams to my iPhone or just peek in from time to time to ensure things are OK and even listen in and talk to a webcam, and with the wildlife cameras I can get pictures of people, cars, trucks and animals all over the property in daylight or with infrared at night that provide enough video evidence for the local law enforcers to follow up with. It’s the peace of mind I need to ensure I’ve done everything I can to protect my property from the stupidity of humanity while I’m off enjoying life.



  1. I just had to wonder how “the wise man” would be able to get out of his house in case of a fire? Secondly, I wondered how effective all of these measures would be if the electricity was off and stayed off indefinitely?? The same thing with “Joel” most of his measures also require electricity to be effective?

  2. Read Mark Twains The burgular alarm

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