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Letters to the Editor


More Ways To Keep Rabbits Out Of Your Garden

To read the story referenced, “Tricks And Secrets To Keep Rabbits From Destroying Your Garden,” click here.

I have a garden out of town. To keep all small animals, away we recycle pop cans. I put one every five feet around the garden. I put a few drops of urine in each and refresh weekly. There are no fences, dogs, etc., to keep animals at bay. The cans have been doing the trick for years. I believe the smell makes them think there are humans watching. It makes them nervous. You can also try mesh bags of dog hair. For skunks and raccoons, a few pieces of chocolate will make them not want to return.



Option No. 6 — in areas where permissible, a 22 caliber rifle will dispatch these critters permanently while supplementing your meat supply and reducing the resupply of baby rabbits. Cottontails are good table fare when properly prepared. Jack rabbits, while generally not particularly good table fare, can certainly be used to augment your dog food supply. If the use of the 22 caliber rifle is not an option, there are several good high powered 22 caliber pellet rifles on the market that produce very little noise. A youngster desiring to increase his / her hunting skills could be successfully employed to the benefit of both the youngster as well as the parent.


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