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Letters To The Editor

Even More Perennial Vegetable Tips

To read the story referenced, “9 Perennial Vegetables You Can Plant Once, Harvest Forever … And Never Worry About Again,” click here.

I’ve had excellent results with strawberries. Haven’t had to do much of anything with them year after year, they just keep producing every year once it warms up. Have a small area in my greenhouse that produce from mid-April through early November, and an outdoor area that produce from late April through October. These are all “ever-bearing” variety, and give us no less than a pint EVERY DAY!



Scallions are another great vegetable to add to the list of perennials. Thanks for the article. I will be adding the ones I don’t already have to my garden.



I would add artichokes to the list. While people in northern areas grow them as an annual, in zones 8 and 9, they are perennials, and even northern gardeners can grow them as perennials if you protect the plants during the winter. (Cut the plant down to ground level, cover with bushel basket or something similar, stuffed with leaves or straw to protect the crown, and overwinter them that way. Be sure to uncover them in the spring.)



  1. My peppers, brocci , and cuckumbers are all doing very well in this northern climate and inside they are started and stay till june or july , but I want to do artichoke and strawberries this yr too but starting them inside has been problematic, strawberrys mold too fast from moisture here and i desprately want artichokes for my migrains and they haven’t taken here yet , i will try buying a starter plant and try to keep it alive here inside !

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