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Letters To The Editor

Regarding: Recharging Cell Phones In A Crisis



I have a pair of multi-channel hand-held CB radios because there is no guarantee that cell phone service would be up and running in some types of disasters. Then, as in all previous emergencies I have heard of, cell phone servers get overloaded immediately when an event happens.



Cell phones aren’t for communication only…there are lots of other uses when charged…including entertainment built in for children to combat boredom in an emergency. Also these are lightbulbs for emergency power outages.

“Desert Fox”


One of those emergency hand crank radios are a great investment, as most of them have USB ports for charging. With the hand crank and solar feature, this is a limitless, reliable source of juice for small electronics. The hand crank radios sell for around $49. They also have reading and room lights on them.


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