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Letters To The Editor

Living In A Tent Fun And Comfortable

To read the story referenced, “4 Off-Grid Advantages Of Living In A Tent,” click here.

My bride and I lived in a GP medium military tent [GP= General purpose] for two full years. No bills, no electricity, no generators, no vehicles. We lived next to a small year-round waterfall, no neighbors, just us, nature, and the critters. By light years, the best two years of our lives. The most stupid thing we ever did was leave the mountains and get jobs. Absolutely stupid. We have never forgiven ourselves. Anyone that says you can’t live off the land has never really tried it.



When I first purchased my land, my wife and I lived in a large tent until we got a more permanent home. It was roomy enough I put our queen-sized bed in it! When winter came, I bought a bunch of moving blankets on sale at Harbor Freight and draped them on the outside frame. Even when the temp dropped into the 20s we were warm as toast and it made for some nice snuggle time under our quilt!



My daughter and I went to work in Arizona near the north rim of the Grand Canyon. During the off months we lived in tents. We were more than comfortable!


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