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Letters To The Editor

Who do you support in the Bundy Ranch controversy?


We support Clive Bundy and his stand against the feds, BLM bullies, and Dirty Harry Reid. Where is the outcry against the criminal action that is ongoing with the media covering for the thugs in our government!! This is another example of corruption in high places in the Obama administration and the Democratic Nazi Party. Full supported by the communists in government with backing by Geo. Soros! Time to remove the rats who are destroying America that I swore to serve in the US ARMY in 1951, while still a British subject here on a legal Visa.



I am with the Bundys on this one! The only reason that the feds want his land is because of the China solar plant that Reid’s kid is involved with! It’s about money, they win either way. Either the Bundys pay the fine, the feds get their money, or they kick him off the land and sell it to China. Either way those fat cats still get paid! We must stand in the face of this tyranny and stand with the Constitution.

David F.


I support the Bundy’s hands down and only wished that I didn’t live so far away (Virginia) to have gone there and supported the family



Hands down, my family and I support Mr. Bundy, and his family, in their fight against an ever more oppressive federal government and their heavy handed tactics.



My family fully support the Bundys and pray for their safety and that they would have the support of many to stop the tyrants who are trying to give that land usage to the Chinese….



If the Fed wants to control this land they should pay the state property taxes. If not give it back to the state.



Rancher is right but if he has a birth certificate,  a social security card and a Drivers license he has contracted signed up to be a part of the United States Corporation. United States is a corporation and he works and answers to them and their set of laws. He is not a Free sovereign human as his past generation were.



I dont know who is right or wrong as far as letter of the law goes… don’t/haven’t read or seen any agreements or accords, but as far as I can tell if Bundy was really throwing it in the face of the court by ignoring court orders than he should have been held in contempt of court an thrown in jail.  The cows would have to be removed as condition of release.  If cows return than back in jail until it stops.

As soon as the fed. government sent armed personnel in to fix problem they were wrong and should be held accountable.  Agents need to go to jail. Settlements need to be paid to the Bundys.

If it was any civil case and the plaintiff hired snippers they would be in prison in a half second regardless of any facts of the case.  If I hired a hit man to resolve a problem would I go to prison? Yup.



I support the Bundy family. The Feds completely overstepped the line of fairness and justice. I think the State of Nevada should step in and champion the Bundy cause or the State will certainly lose any further action in regaining control over its territory. The rest of the Western States should become very involved, since the Feds unconstitutionally claim ownership of most of the West.



100 percent behind the Bundy family. The feds have way overstepped their bounds and it does my heart good to see neighbors protecting neighbors against our new enemy, the federal government.

BLM employees should be tried as cattle rustlers and be made to pay Mr. Bundy the ongoing price for the cows they slaughtered (and damages for those they harassed) plus a severe penalty. (Didn’t they shoot a prize bull?) And I don’t mean BLM, our tax dollars picking up the tab. I mean each and every one of these government morons needs to be held fiscally accountable out of his own pocket. Enough of this nonsense! Perhaps the BLM has outlived its usefulness much like the EPA and needs to be disbanded. Think of all the savings we would have then, and apparently Bundy has already been doing what they have been paid to do on the grazing land, so it’s a win-win!



Aloha and thank you for the opportunity to express my support for Cliven Bundy, his family and their principles on States’ Rights.  Harry Reid states Bundy’s supporters are Domestic Terrorists.  How I wish all Domestic Terrorists were like us — what a wonderful America we’d have!



Note that Bundy is not supported by other cattle ranchers.  Isn’t that rather telling?  I think so. Others pay……He is obligated to pay! Since he doesn’t recognize “The Federal Government,” perhaps he needs to get out of the United States and spend his remaining days where he will be able to rip-off his fellow cattlemen and women, citizens and the United States Government.

David S.

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