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Letters To The Editor

Keep Writing Letters!


To read the story referenced, “5 Things STILL Worth Doing Grandma’s Way (That Is, Without Gadgets!),” click here.

I write my granddaughter a letter every month even though we talk on the phone more frequently.

I have a couple of real cameras and a darkroom set up in my basement. I also have digital equipment, as well.

You only have to have your phone quit on you once to know that you need to keep a back-up address book, which I do.

I use a paper planner all the time; it sits open on my desk.

I also have a collection of thank-you notes I use because I think e-invites are rude and disrespectful.

I also keep a road atlas in my car because we all know how inaccurate Google Maps is and because GPS will always send you on the highway where you will completely miss out on all the cool stuff on those secondary state roads.



“I only know three phone numbers now: my husband’s cell, my cell, and our home phone. Why? Because I don’t have to. My cell phone keeps track of all my phone numbers and addresses for me, This whole content is interested.”


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