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letters to the editor

Should You Kill House Spiders?

We have found that hedge apples also work wonderfully. We had heard about them here in Ohio for repelling spiders, but last winter tried it for the first time. I placed 6 of them around our basement and we were almost spider-free this whole year. And we have always had huge basement spiders. Will definitely get more this fall. The hedge apples will dry and shrivel up, and look ugly, but they are effective.



I never kill a spider — they are just too helpful around the house. I usually won’t even put one outside unless it won’t leave someone alone (that happens once in a while), or unless I recognize it as possibly able to do a bit of damage to someone. My parents didn’t kill spiders, either, unless there was an invasion of biting spiders, which happened when I was a teen. Everyone in my family had at least one bite, so Dad had to do something about it. Otherwise, they went outside or were let be.



Spiders are predators — the lions and tigers and wolves of the insect world. If you have them, especially a lot of them, they are there to hunt other bugs. You need to get rid of all the bugs, or they will just come back. Diatomaceous earth is simply fantastic. Put it where it will remain dry for it to kill about every bug. It makes a tiny hole in their exoskeleton and they “dry out to death.” We actually are unharmed by it and cereal companies put it in most grain products. I.e. we eat it daily in many foods. Lucky for us, it kills most bugs and spiders. Great stuff! I also use it in the garden, but it needs to be replaced after a rain.



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