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letters to the editor

M-1 Still ‘The Prize Of My Collection’

I shot the M-1 Garand during Army Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wood. I had shot in in high school in a high power match, which I won by the way. I carried the M-1 for two years in the Army, then I was sent to Viet Nam where I was issued an M-14. The M-14 is similar in many ways to the M-1, but there are also significant differences. Contact the Garand Collectors Association for information on purchasing a M-1.

For the record, I still own a M-1 and it is the prize of my collection. I love it! I would like to purchase a M-14 but they are hard to find and usually expensive. Springfield makes the M-1A which is a good substitute for the M-14.



I lugged an M-1 all over Ft. Polk in 1963. It was extremely accurate and easy to use. However, I was glad when I was transferred up to Ft. Knox for armor training that same year and got to use the .45 caliber fully automatic Grease Gun which was very lightweight and a 1911 .45 Caliber Semi-automatic pistol.


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