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Letters To The Editor

More ‘Antique Tools’ You’ll Need When The Grid’s Down

To read the story referenced, “Antique Tools Your Great-Grandparents Used That We All May Need Again Someday,” click here.

Add to this collection the treadle and/or hand-crank sewing machine. Men used these machines to repair horse and mule tack, feed and veg sacking, rucksacks, and other textiles used for farming, hunting, homesteading; women used the machines to mend/repair all manner of textiles, to clothe the family, make bedding and other household linens.



Also on the must-have list should be the adze, draw knife, for wood working. Shovels, for various uses — digging, moving piles of whatever, lots of different types. Hammers, once again, lots of uses and types. And framing squares — essential.



Very interesting article. My husband collects old wood-working tools and actually uses them on the projects that he can. He also has his grandfather’s collection of wood-working tools as well and it includes braces and bits, shoulder drills, draw shaves, and other tools that we had no idea what they were or what they were used for. We still use his buck saws to cut logs for fire wood, but have not actually gotten adventurous enough to try to use the splitting maul and the axe that goes with it. We went to a flea market one time where there is a huge population of Amish people and found out what some of the stranger tools were. The old stuff works as well as, if not better than the new stuff.

Michigan Patriot


I have stockpiled hammers, several different saws, awls, Yankee screwdrivers, old-style drill and bits, and garden tools of various kinds, shovels, forks, rakes, enough to get a kitchen garden in at least and a scythe as that hay ain’t gonna cut itself. I could probably build a cabin and barn with the tools I have.


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