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Letters To The Editor

Dear Editor,

In a recent OTG newsletter, the editor’s response to Concerned Gardener recommended using nematodes to combat grubs and mentioned online sources. The letter didn’t indicate where Concerned Gardener lives, but here in greater Los Angeles, I have seen nematodes offered in the garden sections of OSH (Orchard Supply Hardware) and at a chain store called Do It Center. Though I have not seen them at the bigger stores (Lowe’s or Home Depot), they may be available in some of those outlets or at other large garden outlets. In both stores where I saw them, these items were offered at a counter that included a refrigerator where they sold ladybugs, decollate snails (which battle slugs and large brown snails—and seem to have worked for me), and similar biological controls. If readers can’t find these on their own, just ask someone in the store.

In another letter on the same date, Shopping for Storage sought Mylar bags for food storage and oxygen absorbers. I know I have seen the bags in the Los Angeles area at a military surplus store called Major Surplus (, and I think they had oxygen absorber material as well.  Major does mail order. But again, before ordering by mail with the wait and shipping charges, check your local surplus stores, as they stock a lot of items for campers as well as survivalists, so they often carry things like dehydrated foods, MREs, and similar items.

Happy Gardener

Dear Happy Gardener,

Thank you for your response! These are great resources you mention, and I am sure many readers will appreciate the tips as much as I did.

The Editor



Dear Editor,

I have read some conflicting and confusing info as per rice storage. Is “parboiled” brown rice more stable for long-term storage? Please advise.

Still Confused

Dear Confused,

Parboiled brown rice will not store any longer than regular brown rice. Whether it is parboiled or not, brown rice still has the germ, which contains the healthy fatty acids that separate it from white rice. Unfortunately, these fatty acids are also what cause the brown rice to spoil quicker. If you want to store rice yourself for longer than about six months, you will probably need to use white rice.



Dear Editor,

I have recently lost my entire garden of squash to something I have been told was a squash bug. All the plants started wilting, and then I noticed the stalk was destroyed at the ground level… I finally found two black bug looking insects inside the stalk. I sprayed the rest of them with 50/50 water peroxide to no avail. Any suggestions?

Squash Bugged

Dear Bugged,

Unfortunately, squash bugs are a difficult pest to control in gardens. You have several options. Obviously there are poisons available commercially, including organic ones like neem oil and rotenone; however, even these organic options may have some risks. Some gardeners suggest planting other crops that may deter the bugs like radishes, marigold, or mint, but I will say that this has been less than effective in my own garden. Honestly, the best way to deal with squash bugs is to…. well, squash them. Check your garden frequently for the bugs and their eggs (a favorite hiding place is under the leaves of squash, pumpkins, and cucumbers). Try placing small boards on the ground around the affected plants—the bugs will gather under them at night, giving you an easy target in the morning. Finally, make sure you clear out the plot well at the end of the season. Remove plant debris and till the ground well—this will destroy any places the bugs can hide and will give you a head start on the pests for next year. Best of luck!

The Editor

If you’d like to contact the editor, please send an email to [email protected]



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    Having a “plan” is as much a risk as it may dubiously be called a “security blanket.” If you have a prefabricated and allegedly reliable means of killing yourself and are then overcome
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    Was the progression logical? So I come into Astroneer with a
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    This way I also keep the games more immersive. I looted entire towns in the black of night.
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    to mark the silence.”This is simply something that was, wrongly, overlooked against the background of all that we have done already to show the ultimate respect in which we all hold this unique and special day,” he said in a statement.The WRU
    reinforced his apology, stating that it was “proud of its association with and observance of remembrance”.In a statement, it added: “The Wales squad were anxious to display their wholehearted support for Remembrance services by staging a minute’s silence before the international against New Zealand at the Millennium Stadium on Saturday.”They did this in the knowledge it would be
    shown live on network television and would help inform millions of
    people of their empathy with the principle of remembrance.
    It was something, to a man, they wanted to do.”The squad have also made sure they wear poppies at all times, especially when engaged in public appearances, during their current time in camp as well as wearing embroidered poppies on their jerseys on match day against New Zealand last weekend, together with the opposition.”A WRU spokesperson said staff did observe the two minute silence on Wednesday, as
    did Wales players and management not involved in the training session at the Hensol resort complex.”We apologise if anyone was offended by the team delaying their own observations of the formality of silence during this special and significant day,” added the spokesperson. The BBC is not
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    I am open to being friends and acquaintances with people who fight for their cause, and
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    Now it just seems to devolve into pissing contests or who
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    this sub. It is just stagnating, waiting till eventually Meg ditches reddit
    altogether and focuses on other stuff or moves out of the public/internet eye.So I sorry but I
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