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Letters To The Editor

Why Tell Criminals Where to Find Your Stuff?

Dear Editor,

Well, you folks are selling advice on how to hide stuff and guns, but don’t you think the low life scumbags who want them are buying the course and will just have a field day finding all your hidden items?  Seems to me this course is a waste of time and money.  I mean, it’s like giving a kid access to the candy store then turning your back on him. 

This is not smart.  Now everyone knows the tricks.



Dear Jack,

Well, I suppose if the book was only telling people how to hide guns in an oven or Velcro them up underneath a table, you might have a point. But How to Hide Your Guns goes much more in depth than that. It doesn’t just discuss the many different (and difficult to find) ways of hiding guns and valuables in your home, it discusses off-site hides as well.

And the thing is, people who break into a home aren’t there leisurely going through your stuff. They want to get in and out to avoid detection. Are they going to tear out every wall, looking for that secret spot? Are they going to upend every stick of furniture, check every little nook and cranny, every potential fake panel?

No. They want the quick stuff. They’re looking for that jewelry box sitting on the dresser and that glassed in gun cabinet with the crappy lock.  They want the pistol in your bedside drawer or the shotgun you’ve got stored behind the den door. They want the cash you’ve got stashed in your underwear drawer or the rare coin collection you have prominently displayed on your study wall or sitting on your desk.

But don’t take my word for it. There’s a full six-month money-back guarantee on the How to Hide Your Guns book. Try it and see, and if you’re not satisfied, you can get your money back, no questions asked.

The Editor



Where Do I Begin?

Dear Editor,

I have recently been trying to get “Off the Grid” more and more…. However, I have found my biggest obstacle in my quest is the old “paralysis by analysis.” My long term goal would be to have the ability to live off the land, have a farm, with a garden and chickens at a minimum, hunt for food, live or camp in the wild for days/weeks, and be able to sustain myself by hunting and fishing. I feel like I have SOOO much to learn though! Where do I start? Is there a complete, how-to guide for me somewhere?

Thanks for all you write about, I LOVE it!



Dear Ray,

There sure is, and it’s called Ready for Anything: The Ultimate No B.S. Survival Manual for Ordinary People. This book was put together for everyone – from those just starting out, to those already far along in their preparedness plans.

What you need to do is sit down and make a plan of action, an itemized list of all the things that you want to accomplish. I’m also an introspective person. I think way too much about things and like you, get paralyzed by the ruminations. Force yourself to decide that you want to do a set number of items and write them down. Don’t make the individual items too big of a task or you’ll get discouraged. Break them down into manageable bites. For instance, we have 105 blueberry bushes here on our place, but we didn’t plant them all at one time. We bought 21 plants, put those in the ground, and expanded until we hit the number we were happy with.

If you want all those things that you listed, then you need to begin working and saving now, finding the land that you want to live on, and positioning yourself so that you can afford to change jobs (if necessary) to follow your off-grid dreams. Then you tackle your list one step at a time and build that homestead you’ve envisioned. And it’s never too late. Because our jobs moved us around a lot, my family didn’t get started on our dreams until we were in our 50s. It’s been hard work the last 6 years, but it’s coming together nicely.

Above all, remember that life is not about the destination, but about the journey. Live honorably, work hard, be the golden-rule kind of neighbor, and above all, respect the creation that God has put here before us and honor the One who gave it to us.

Thank you for writing, and God bless you on your journey.
The Editor


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  2. On starting to prepare for any project/event it’s good to first stop, think, write it down, then kick yourself into gear and don’t let anything or anyone steer you in another direction. When you can’t achieve something don’t stop just go to the next thing on the list and then come back to that one thing you couldn’t accomplish earlier. If you have to check off several things before you get back to that one thing, that’s okay. You’ll have all the other things checked off and ready when you do. When necessary improvise, adapt, overcome. The biggest thing is don’t get side stepped, go lazy or get un-interested. That could come back to haunt you.

  3. One point of interest to the book about hiding your guns, I’ve not read it, so I can’t comment on it’s contents, but keep in mind that one day Law-enforcement may show up at your door, they will have thre things in their favor, a warrant, man power, and time. I seem to remember the siege at Waco,Tx and Ruby Ridge some twenty years ago…….someone said David Keresh had an “illegal” machine gun, I didn’t know that it took over 100 LE to serve one warrant, and the Sniper that shot the wife holding an infant, was the “best” in his field……a squad of Cops is like a Flood, they have a reason to arrive, they leave when “they” want to….just a different view.

    • Wild Bill,

      I mentioned the hiding places to a friend of mine, a retired FBI agent with whom I’d served in the Air Force. He said, “When the FBI is looking for something, they come with Sawzalls and crowbars. There is nothing you can hide from them when they have a warrant to search. If they have to cut up the furniture and strip the walls, ceilings, and floors down to studs and joists, that’s just what they’ll do. You won’t want to move back into your home after they leave. You won’t be able to move back home until full remodeling is done.” He never answered me when I asked who pays for all the destruction if they don’t find what they’re looking for, or for that matter even if they do find it but the house belongs to a bank or a landlord. As we’ve seen from other cases, even mistaken addresses, it’s very difficult for the owners to be made whole again. This really sucks.

  4. Reading about the FBI’s actions and what appears to be lack of action in repairing the damage they create; it seems pretty UN American. This has the ring of Nazism plain and simple. Where has America gone? Is she anywhere to be recognized in plain sight? The America I remember when I was a kid. In my 61 years of life I have witnessed the decline and continued falling of America. She has replaced common sense, morality, the Constitution in bits at a time, God Almighty with a term they call “Progressiveness” but, the question remains……Progressing to what? My thoughts are that it means…..progressing to America’s end. I’m very sad about that.

  5. This is a very interesting publication covering an increasingly important topic. Why have you not mentioned (unless i missed it) the breakthrough in LENR?? This clean, green, abundant energy source is poised to take entire nations off-grid. You should be covering it, even if you are unconvinced of its imminent commercial appearance.

  6. Reply corrected update

    Don White
    September 6, 2013 at 1:39 am

    Dear Off the Grid News:

    I have answers to Ron’s inquiry about what to use for EMP protecting a box, a housing, shed, room, house, mfg. homes, etc.

    (1) No. Do not use chicken wire to EMP shield a housing as all the radiated EMP frequency components will leak through and will burn out all internal electronics.

    (2) Instead, use heavy duty, Reynolds Wrap or similar aluminum foil (3 mils = 0.003 inch) to cover all six sides of enclosure (other options available). Bond the mating foils with aluminum tape so there are no leakages. Any windows or solar panels are covered with a size 20-30 opi (openings per inch) metal screen wire to admit light and block EMP radiation. Bond the window screen periphery to the aluminum foil siding. External doors must be so shielded and bonded with metal finger stock used around the door frame to block leakage.

    (3) If any wires or cables for entry/exit must be HV surge suppressed to a metal plate on enclosure shed/room/house and grounded to earth.

    (4) Since the devil is in the details, the how-to-do-its and sources for EMP protection parts (and even how to test for adequacy of construction) are all given in the book: 3rd edition of “EMP – Protect Family. Homes and Community”, by Don White and Jerry Emanuelson. Available at Amazon and our web sites, and

    Sorry I did not respond sooner as I have been on extended travels

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