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Letters To The Editor

A DIY Plantain Recipe For Rashes And Bug Bites

To read the story referenced, “Plantain: The Ugly Little Edible ‘Weed’ That Heals And Soothes,” click here.

Finely chop fresh plantain leaves and fill a small mason jar. Add sufficient glycerin to cover the leaves. Let stand for two weeks, stirring from time to time. Strain and store in a dark bottle. Makes a soothing and healing lotion for weeping and itchy rashes and insect bites. In times past, plantain was reputed to cure mad dogs and snake bites. Notes and dosages: Double strength tea, two teaspoons per cup for most purposes; take it freely



To read the story referenced, “Landlines: The ‘Dinosaur Phone Technology’ That Could Save You In A Crisis,” click here.

We still have a landline. We learned the hard way, no cell service unless you walk around outside. If I forget to charge the phone, again no cell service if we have no electricity. So we opted for at least a land line. We are the only one in our neighborhood, but at least our neighbors know and can come to our house if they can’t use their cell phone.



  1. Good morning
    is there any way of getting your videos in a format to read instead
    I enjoy your articles and I understand how impactive visuals are ,
    but for many of us with limited time we cant possibly review all the valuable info you
    put out .
    Thank you

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