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Letters To The Editor

To read the story referenced, “9 Cold-Hardy Vegetables You Can Overwinter For Spring,” click here.

Quite by accident, my daughter-in-law discovered that as far north as Chicago, Brussels sprouts kept nicely on the stalk in the garden that was planted against a South-facing wall. She picked nice sprouts all winter long, even with snow on the ground. Since they are so popular now, it was a real bonus to have them at hand all winter long.


I live in coastal British Columbia and overwinter lots of vegetables in my garden. We do have some freezing temperatures, mostly at night or short spells, but we have a relatively mild climate for the north. I’ve had good success with carrots (I use Scarlet Nantes) and beets left in the ground. I mound soil over exposed parts, but do not mulch otherwise. Curly kale and ruby chard last all the way until spring for nice salad and cooking greens. My perennial herbs such as thyme, rosemary, basil and sage have survived for years. It’s much easier for me than storing vegetables. I tried with the carrots and beets one year but they didn’t stay crisp for more than a few months.


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