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Letters To The Editor


Reader Gives Solution To Pond Mosquitoes

To read the referenced story, “How To Get An Endless Supply Of Food From Your Pond,” click here.

One of the most irritating things about a pond is mosquitos. Fish can be added that thrive on mosquitos but you have to be careful that the fish are compatible with the others. Keep your plants thinned out so the fish can get around the plants to eat. You can also create moving surface water by using waterfalls and fountains. Both can be run using a solar power set-up. It also helps with oxygen levels.



In an extended grid-down situation, you may also have problems with poachers. If you are planning a homestead, a pond located where it can easily be viewed from your home would help with security.



Lowering your gas heating unit’s temperature just 1 degree would help you save 3 percent in your energy bill.


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