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Letters To The Editor

Reader: Wheat Can Store For 100 Years, Too

Referencing: 10 Foods You Can Store For 100 Years

No mention of wheat? Wheat has been found in Egyptian tombs along with honey. Wheat has more nutrition than rice.



Referencing: 10 Life-Saving Survival Items You Can Buy At The Dollar Store

Another item I found at a dollar store was 24 hour candles. These are great if you want a limited light source for a camp and could be housed in a makeshift tin can light holder with a side slot cut to direct the light instead of it being seen 360 degrees.



Referencing: How To Make Your Cast Iron Skillet Last Forever.

I soak my pan for about 5 minutes in warm water. Scrape the pan with a plastic spatula and use a non-scratch Scotch Brite Pad. Rinse it real good, dry it and turn on the burner on the stove to medium. Heat up the pan til it’s dry and nice and warm. Get out the Crisco shortening, wipe down the whole pan real good and then I wipe it off. I sometimes will put it back on the burner, heat it up again, and wipe it again.