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Letters To The Editor

Regarding the story, Beating The 5 Enemies Of Long-Term Food Storage

High quality food grade plastic buckets with air tight seals can be had from Dunkin Donuts which ships donut fillings in them. The buckets need to be thoroughly cleaned before use. These can usually be bought for a buck or two each from the Dunkin Donuts facilities which do baking on premises.

Supermarkets often stock large size plastic bags with air tight closures. For another project I inquired and the manufacturer replied that for the sake of economy they made the 4 or 5 gal. bags on the same production line as smaller sized food grade bags  I forget the manufacturer in question, and if large bags are bought it is best to verify this with the particular manufacturer.

Plastic trash bags ARE NOT SUITABLE for food storage because according to the manufacturers they contain perfumes.



Thanks for the tips and for letting us know this! This subject is definitely one that interests our readers.



  1. Hi. My name is James and I have been browsing your website for several months now…usually a few times a week. I have found a lot of interesting and creative ideas on here, which keeps me coming back. I have wanted to contribute some of my own thoughts and ideas to other like minded, prepared individuals, but lack the medium to do so.

    I built and run a website (football related) so I have some internet experience. But I do not have the time to create and maintain yet another website. Hence the purpose of my email.

    I would enjoy writing a few articles for your website, maybe as a guest columnist. I’m not looking to get any sort of reward or reimburstment for this outside of my love of writing and the joy of passing on what knowledge I have gained. I also hope to gain knowledge from others in their comments and suggestions of my contributions.

    About me, I am a police officer for a large suburb of Oklahoma City. I have been a police officer since 1999. So I have had a good deal of firearms and tactical training and experience.

    Growing up, I was actively involved in the Boy Scouts, where I obtained the rank of Eagle Scout. Being outdoors is something I have always enjoyed, and in my late teens I was able to attend a 3 month, outdoor survival school. So I learned a lot of bushcraft type skills. Things such as land navigation, water procurement, outdoor sanitation, etc.

    Anyway, I have no idea if you want or even need other authors or columnists. If not, no hard feelings.

    Take care,
    –James Lancaster

    • Thanks Cindy. I tried to find an email address on here to email the site webmaster directly, but to no avail. Hopefully they read this here.

  2. James,
    Please email me directly at [email protected].


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