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Letters To The Editor

Readers Debate Health Care Death Panels

A question on your death panel show: Where do you find that in any part of the ACA [Obamacare]? I must have missed that. Please explain what your ideas are on a replacement health care policy since no Republican in Washington as of today has voiced one. Scare tactics are interesting. It’s as if we now live in a Third World nation which wants to be controlled by just one party and that to me is the scary thing here. Why as a great nation are we the only ones who refuse to have health care for all, not just the few?



Mr. Ervin,


You of course are referencing our radio program featuring documentarian Colin Gunn, in which he made the case that government health care, in order to limit costs, must ration health care, which would lead to people dying earlier than they would have previously. Gunn and others call these “death panels.” Government rationing of health care, Gunn said, is “inevitable.” You are correct that the phrase “death panels” is not in the law itself. But neither is “pancreas,” and we all know the law will cover pancreatitis surgeries. The law’s goal is to save money, and Gunn and others say so-called death panels are one way the government will do that. They also point to other countries where it already is being done.




Death panels are nothing new really, they come in various ways, like our health care system in Canada. When you get admitted to the hospital your chances of getting a hospital infection is almost guaranteed. Hospital food here is unhealthy garbage that is made of who knows what and with all kinds of chemicals. Bed sheets rarely get changed when someone is occupying them, patients do not get regular bathing or cleaning, floors are filthy etc., etc. In other words, do not get sick and do everything to stay away from these death traps! I am not exaggerating at all. Our country’s biggest drain on society is our health care that really isn’t health care at all but a medication depot and lazy union outfit without a governing head. So if you want to live longer, stay away from our hospitals!

“BC Boy”


Best and most healthy thing one can do is to divorce themselves from Western medicine protocols, hospitals, FDA and Big Pharma. Learn how to take care of yourself and plug into a Good OMD or Lac for your primary care and above all stay healthy with good diet and clean food!


One comment

  1. The troubles with out of control health care cost started in corporate America a long time ago. Back when the income tax rates were very excessive. If XYZ corporation gave an employee a raise the tax man would take it and remove any incentives. Businesses got around this punishing tax rates by starting with a salary, then as time went on insurance, then company cars, vacations……. But no dramatic increase in pay, so not to feed the tax man. This lead to a reasonably narrow gap between management and labors pay. It worked well because the corporations could right off the cost and an individual could not.

    As time went on the cost grew because no one cared to pay attention. The cost for corporate and individuals. Then for the most part it got out of control and the only way an individual could afford insurance was threw work. As this went on the tax rates dropped, removing the reason for work supplied insurance.

    The easiest fix as I can see it is too remove the incentive for corporations to provide insurance by not letting them right it off as an expense. That way pushing workers to private brokers, were they get their car insurance. Pay role will always be a business cost so there is no incentive to cut salaries to the workers in essence giving g everyone a raise.

    With millions of workers looking for the best policy for THEIR money the insurance markets will return to being competitive.
    And just like every other bill that individuals get, they will look it over and get on the phone if it doesn’t seem right,

    All this within a small change in tax law and no government agency.

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