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Letters To The Editor

Read: Be Careful When Banking A Home With Snow

To read the story referenced, click here.

One important thing to remember when banking (a home) with dirt or snow is DO NOT BLOCK VENTS FROM CLOTHES DRYER OR GAS APPLIANCES AS TOXIC GAS BUILD-UP WILL RESULT.



To read the story referenced, click here.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You finally said what I have been looking for! I have a small flock of chickens with one rooster and he isn’t doing his job as a rooster, if you know what I mean. The breeding urge has been bred out! How sad our world has become! I will now look for the old kind of chickens who can perform the way they should perform.



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  1. Are you familiar with the pocket power plus. This was the site where I found your site. Is the product any better than ones on amazon for half the cost and claims are the same?

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