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Letters To The Editor

God’s word says “Love your neighbor as yourself, and Do unto others as you would gave then do unto you.” I believe in being prepared, BUT I don’t think we can pick and choose what parts of the Bible we wish to follow. Our life is a gift, and we SHOULD be careful with it, but can you call yourself a Christian if you let a child starve because the parents were unprepared? Would you let a neighbor child starve now? If you TRULY adhere to The Almighty’s Word He will provide. It may mean you go hungry a few days, but won’t starve. Or like manna you may have little choice. I very much enjoy the info here.



In Response To: Police Order New Yorkers To Hand Over Rifles And Shotguns

To understand the Second Amendment all you need to ask is this…Does my government have better weapons than me? When the government has better weapons than its citizens, then its citizens have no way to ensure a non-corrupt and overpowering form of government that will (and has) take freedoms away.




  1. I am a retired law enforcement officer and I consider any police officer who violates the US Constitution by taking legally owned guns from law abiding citizens an outright traitor, no better than a redcoat of 1776 in the army of a despot English king. When the time comes for a police officer to knock on my door and demand my guns, then Katy bar the door the fuxing fight will be on!

  2. Letthe REVOLUTION begin!!!!

  3. Why limit ourselves to guns? How about crossbows, compound bows, lances, cannons, catapults, slingshots, etc. How did our forefathers protect themselves before guns? I have a friend who can throw an ax and hit a target. Think outside the box.

    • All defensive tools (that are practical to you) should be considered and in place. Same reason that I have located near the entrances of my castle, multipurpose items: club (baseball bat or metal bar), knife and machete. All readily available but not in plain obvious sight. After using blades to trim vegetative growth, always resharpen. Perhaps a hatchet should be added.

  4. Our Fore Fathers would have been shooting by now.

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