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Letters To The Editor

More Things Your Grandparents Lived Without


To read the story referenced, “55 Things Your Grandparents Lived Without — Can You?” click here.

Grandma didn’t have indoor plumbing until 1959! She had to use the outhouse and in cold, snowy Michigan winters, that was not a fun thing to have to do. She did have a hand pump at the kitchen sink. Mom had it made into a lamp and I have it now. When remote controls first came out, there were only three channels on it: NBC, CBS, and ABC. The Red Skelton show was at 8 PM. He reasoned, correctly, that people needed a couple of hours to have dinner and time to clean up before prime time. Hence, all the major shows or prime time, start at 8. We have meat tenderizers now that you can just turn the crank and get it done. I remember Mom pounding meat using a hammer-type tenderizer. It was hard work and probably did a better job!



My grandparents would be horrified at some of the things we consider “conveniences” today. Thankfully, I can still write and read cursive, read an “old-fashioned’ map, know how to start and maintain a garden, and so on. The modern “conveniences” of today’s online society while useful, are still a drain on intelligence. Younger people don’t know anything but “Google it.” Scary.


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