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Letters To The Editor

To read the story referenced, “9 Off-Grid ‘Pioneer Tools’ You’ll Need If The Grid Fails,” click here.

Great list but I would exchange the claw hammer for the “Fubar” from Stanley, it simply gives you more options when you need it. And I consider nails to be supplies instead of a tool, so I would replace this with some sort of fire starter.





This list got me thinking… I do not have very many nails. Guess I’ll be buying a few large boxes of different sized nails soon. I already have over $600 worth of hand tools for cutting down trees, but will continue to use chainsaws as long as we can.





Great list. I would add a wonder bar.  Especially good for us ladies.





For the first time in 60 years, I’ve managed to go an entire 1.5 years without a cold or flu. My method: I started squeezing a lemon and pouring the juice — AND some organic vinegar — down the back of my throat (to avoid as much of the horrid taste as possible) about once a week starting around mid-November.


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  1. very interesting topic, great post.

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