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Letters To The Editor

More ‘Forgotten Appliances’ Your Great-Grandparents Used

To read the story referenced, “11 Forgotten ‘Antique’ Appliances Your Great-Grandparents Used Every Day,” click here.

I would add a small hand-held butter churn with a crank on it to make homemade butter. You could barter for the cream from a local farmer, and I kept my mother’s along with a lot of the items listed above. We had an East Coast power outage a few years back and we sat and watched people driving up and down the road, not realizing they could not buy any gas … without electric to pump it!

Mary S.


We used a hand-cranked wringer washing machine when I was a kid. I’m only 50. Just being a poor kid in East Texas. I still prefer to hang my laundry out. I have an electric mixer, but don’t usually bother getting it out. I just use a whisk. I use a hand-cranked meat grinder for game meat.


Great article! Just be sure you stock up on lamp wicks. It will make life much easier. If you have room and resources, get a fuel barrel on a stand. They range from 300 to 500 gallons for smaller ones.



My husband suggests adding a razor strop and whetstone, whereas I lean towards a manual four slice toaster and a treadle sewing machine. Also, for communication’s sake, a manual typewriter.


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