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Letters To The Editor

To read the story referenced, “EPA’s Ban On Wood Burning Stoves Just Days From Taking Effect,” click here.

The government will stoop to any level to reduce self-sufficiency and end homesteading. They claim residential wood stoves are the problem and need to be banned while “clean” coal-fired power plants crank out ton after ton of carcinogenic smoke. It’s not about cleaning the air. It’s about ending self-reliance.



People have been burning wood for thousands of years and here we are still alive! Maybe they should stop big companies from all the air pollution and toxic waste. What is a fine to them? A fine is nothing to them!



When the EPA proves to me that they are a non-polluting government entity, I will consider listening to them.


One comment

  1. As with many branches of the government, including in the fields of agriculture, pharmaceutical, medical establishment, the alphabet branches of the govt., only represent big business. Lobbyists pay big bucks to congressmen, senators, judges for favorable passage & implementation of laws, sanctioning such things as GMO crops, mega-for-profit prison systems, poison pharmaceuticals and many other crooked games. A stupid law by The EPA banning wood burning appliances is so typical of the idiotic approach to steer home owners into the clutches of big power companies, hydro, gas and oil burning mega corporations. Does anyone doubt there is under the table graft and corruption underpinning such nonsense? Properly burned, with baffles over the stove exit to the chimney means the smoke and gases are all consumed prior to reaching the chimney. In fact, properly burned, no smoke can even be seen emanating from the chimney. That’s why barely any ashes are left after a burn is completed. All modern stoves have those baffles installed.

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