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Letters To The Editor

Dear Editor,

Sure wish you would write about how our forefathers cut, dried, and smoked their meat. We were talking to a friend and he said something about slicing the meat, putting it into a box layered with salt and then smoking it, but that was all I got.  We may someday need to go back to the old way of fixing meat if we have meat.

Thank you for the good articles they really help a lot with preparing for the future.



Dear MC,

If a 1,200 to 3,000 word article would accurately share how to cure meat, we would have written one a long time ago. Quite frankly, smoking meat isn’t as easy as just hanging up a slab of meat and building a fire underneath it. It’s actually a very involved process that must be managed just right in order not to kill everyone with botulism or ruin the meat. It’s a wonderful and lost art, and as a society, we’re the worse off for having lost that knowledge. In fact, the only person I know who has a smokehouse is an old man on the coast who lives five hours away from me. I heard about him through an acquaintance. My husband and I have wanted to take a few days to drive down there and stay a couple of days just to learn from him, but unfortunately, the time has not been available.

We’ll try to put together a series of articles that will introduce everyone to curing meat, and I mean smokehouse meat, not something you put in a Brinkmann smoker. That’s not true meat curing. However, anyone that is seriously interested in the art of smokehouse meat and learning how to build a smokehouse needs to get the book Meat Smoking and Smokehouse Design by Stanley, Adam, and Robert Marianski. It’s an invaluable resource.

The Editor



Dear Editor,

I’ve been on the Internet and looked at some of these wood gasifiers which can run cars, gasoline generators, etc. I’m having a real problem finding a manufacturer and/or detailed instructions to build one of these gasifiers, specifically for a gas generator. On the Internet I saw a generator operating on gas which was produced by burning wood. I would like to request your investigative expertise to help me find detailed instructions to build a gasifier.



Dear Bob,

Here is a great website that has all types of links for building plans on wood gasifiers and articles on them.  I haven’t found a manufacture of one yet. Hope this helps you in your search for information!

The Editor


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