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Letters To The Editor

Readers Debate Vaccines, Autism

The Amish don’t get vaccinated; they do not get autism. In Utah, where vaccinations are actively pushed by the leadership, they have a higher percentage rate of autism. There are now 1 in 68 children with autism. This is outrageous. If your child had autism, you would likely change your tune (about vaccines).



There’s not enough data to prove without a doubt that there’s a link between vaccinations and autism. Vaccinations have been around for 200 years. Where were all these cases of autism 200 years ago? 100? 50? 25? Autism is believed to be caused by such a wide range of things; you can just point the finger at vaccinations. Also, assuming there’s something in vaccines that is causing autism, look at the numbers. The CHANCE of a reaction to the vaccine vs contracting a disease and spreading that disease … I’ll stick with the vaccination



  1. Historical research is the best proof that I know of for settling any question re safety of vaccines. Anybody else noticed how the WHO and CDC avoid any mention of health problems rampant in vaccinated children and absent in the unvaccinated one.
    The soaring rate of autism and other problems including deaths among the vaccinated and the lack of same in the unvaccinated children is all the proof any sane person should need to make an intelligent decision.
    Parents pondering whether to vaccinate their children should also pay close attention to the reports that
    more than 1/2 of the new measles cases are occurring in children who have been fully vaccinated against it.
    I have also noticed that the public outcry against the brain destroying mercury derivative finally got it removed from all vaccines except the flu shots. BUT it is very troubling that the CDC replaced it with another brain and central nervous system destroyer which is called an excitotoxin. This monosodium glutamate (MSG) made its debut as a flavor enhancer and was removed from baby formula and baby foods back in the 60’s because it was known then for causing mental retardation. This is not done by accident, folks. Look up that video of Bill Gates talking of using the vaccines as a means of population control.
    The World Health Organization (WHO) recently being exposed for supplying contaminated tetanus vaccines to be administered to all Kenyan women of childbearing age, which would have caused permanent sterility in those receiving it, if some smart doctor had not gotten suspicious about the schedule for administering those tetanus shots and send some vials of the vaccine out to labs for analysis.
    You are the first line of defense in your and your loved ones health care. Use your heads and look for the answers. With the internet, research is at your finger tips.

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