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Letters To The Editor

Dear Editor,

I have been working on being self-sufficient for several years now. I have food stores, a garden area and heirloom seeds I save from each year’s crop, a small homestead with basic livestock such as chickens and goats, the means to defend my home, and have a water source that is not dependent on public utilities. Can you think of anything that I’m missing?

Prepping in Kansas


Dear Prepping in Kansas,

It sounds like you have the basics to survive down pat. Have you thought about taking your prepping beyond the basics of survival and into the realm of living more comfortably? Thinking about the different scenarios that could happen, from an EMP taking down the power grid to a terrorist attack to an economic collapse, what would you need to live beyond basic survival?

For instance, what would you do for entertainment? Do you have musical instruments or a variety of games for all age groups? Do you have books just for reading pleasure, again for all ages? If you’re religious, will you be able to get to religious services or do you need to make arrangements for having a home service?

Sit down and think of all the things that you’d want beyond basic survival and then start accumulating those items that you’d want in order to not just survive, but to live.

The Editor



Dear Editor,
As a gun owner I am very concerned about the possibility of losing them to wicked men who will use them to commit crimes. I have seen the ad for the book on how to hide your guns and it looked interesting, but I do have a question: isn’t it quite possible that criminals have seen this book and know about all the places to hide firearms? I’m a woman living alone and really don’t want to lose my self-protection.



Dear AF,

Criminals are not interested in treasure hunts. They want the ability to get in and out of a place with the loot as quickly and easily as possible. While the book Hide Your Guns: Off-Grid Survival Caches does show some simple hides, there are more elaborate ones described in there as well, hides that would take a criminal time to find, if they were even looking. Do I think that criminals are reading the book? A few enterprising ones might, but on a whole? No. I think you’d find some unique options for securing your weapons in there.

The Editor


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