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Letters To The Editor

More Ideas For Inexpensive Pistols


To read the story referenced, “A $250 Reliable Pistol? Yep, And It’s Perfect For Home Defense,” click here.

This is what I carry – a Kahr CT380 in .380acp, a DAO w/ 3″ barrel, two 7+1 Single Stack Mags, weight unloaded 14 ozs – can be had for $260.00; and the new Kahr ST9 in 9mm, a DAO w/ 4″ barrel, two 8+1 Single Stack Mags, weight unloaded 20 ozs – can be had for $347.00. Both reliable, excellent carry handguns!



Another good SA hand gun at a reasonable price is the SAR B6P made in Turkey. It is a CZ75 clone. Bought one for $250 just for fun and loved it. It shoots great and is now my carry gun. I love my Taurus PT 100 in 40 S&W but it had a lot of miles on it. I liked the B6P so much that I bought a second one. It is a little hard to find additional mags but found them at They had them on sale at CDNN Sports. Polymer bottom with steel slide and 16-round mag. I have many much more expensive guns but love these. The grip is a little large for my very petite daughter but she can still shoot it fine.


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