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Letters To The Editor

More Ways To Add Humidity To Homes


To read the story referenced, 7 Simple Ways To Add Humidity To Wood-Burning Homes, click here.

“We supplement heat with kerosene, and keep a pot of water on top of it, adding cinnamon sticks, mulling spice, bay leaf, citrus fruit, whatever we have handy. When I had a gas stove, I did the same. You can also create an ongoing pot of bone broth. If you are lucky enough to have a wood stove, I would definitely keep the bone broth pot going. I also cook more soups and stews in the winter, helping to add some humidity to the air. Interesting tips, though!”



“Using an electric or gas dryer is still an option. Rather than venting the humidity outdoors, simply allow the vent to exit into the house. The house stays just as humid, but you don’t have clothing and blankets hanging all over the house all the time.”


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