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Letters To The Editor

More Items Your Great-Grandparents Repurposed

To read the story referenced, “5 Everyday Items Your Great-Grandparents Repurposed (That You Should, Too),” click here.
I save my empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls and fill them with dryer lint, scraps of fabric and thread from sewing, slightly used paper towels and any other soft material that a person would normally throw away. I fold over the ends and save them, putting a few of them in an old sealed ammo box and add used cooking oil to the box. They make the best fire-starters I’ve ever seen.
When my mother passed away, I chose a number of her clothes made from fabrics suitable for a quilt. I have a beautiful memory quilt. Silk ties, men’s suits, jeans, etc. can be used for quilted projects.
I’m pleased to say that I have used all five suggestions in your article, and in fact am using the first four right now. Living off-grid on a remote mountaintop with bad roads that are impassable with most vehicles other than small 4-wheel drives, we don’t come and go except when necessary, and we get stranded when the roads are too wet.

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