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letters to the editor

Easy, Paperless Homemade Firestarter

The easy way we [make firestarter] is to use the cardboard egg cartons, fill the holes with sawdust and then melt old candles and pour the wax over the sawdust. The wax hardens and forms a barrier so the sawdust doesn’t fall out and they are easy to light with a match and they burn for a while so as to catch the kindling on fire.



A great sustainable firestarter is when you go to the supermarket, go to the veggie area and ask for the wax boxes that some of the vegetables come in. Cut them in 2 inch by 4 inch pieces and use 3 when starting a fire. Drink holders from fast food places are good also.


One comment

  1. I pour fat drippings into the fiber eggs cartons and keep them in the freezer to use as a fire starter.. why use wax when the fat is a byproduct. egg cartons can be used as starters for seed/ plants.

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