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Letters To The Editor

Regarding: Self-Sufficiency New Year’s Resolutions


This year I plan on starting an aquaponics setup in my basement. I’ve already got most of the parts; now I just have to put it all together and get the fish. I’m planning on using tilapia. I read about a college that had a fish tank that had sat around for 2 years since the last experiment — all grungy and full of algae. When they started cleaning it out they found huge tilapia still alive. The fish had been eating the algae and coming up to the surface for air for the past 2 years. I want fish like that.

I want to experiment to see if I can grow more of our food during the winter months here in northern MN.

Barb H.



That sounds fun! We had a story about raising tilapia recently. It can be read here. Also, you may want to read our story on cold frames.

Thanks for writing!




We plan to move to some property we have well off the beaten path.  We will live in a camper trailer and add an additional living space to it. We ‘can’ food now and plan several passive solar water and air heating projects as well as solar electric (our power bill is @ $20 a month for just the electricity used).

We already use solar yard lights for lighting.

We plan to make a solar oven/dehydrator and dry meat and fruit.  We have a wood stove and a Franklin Stove for cooking/heating. The land has great hunting and a spring fed stocked pond.  Drinking water can be brought in. If the need comes we will be able to live off the land 100 percent.



Good for you! We know you’ll be successful and you’ll really enjoy it.

Thanks for writing!



#1 I plain to memorize one Bible verse each week. This week is 2 Cor. 5:17. Our Pastor has gave us this challenge for 2014.

# 2  Do more food dehydrating, been playing around with it for about 3 years, time to get busy with it. I have worked my garden into organic gardening.

Love your emails and website.

To God be the Glory.




Dehydrating can be very rewarding. Here are some of our stories on it.

Thanks for writing!




I am writing to mention to you my two goals this year. My first is already started but want to expand the already organic garden in my yard. I have a huge space, approximately 100′ x 100′ space I intend to grow my veggies, herbs and berries.

My second goal is something I really don’t want to do but I feel is a must now. I am going to set out this year to purchase a weapon and learn to use it. Never in my life have I owned any weapon but I feel that the time has come.

Thank you,
Tony B



We have LOTS of stories about those topics that could be helpful. Our gardening stories are here, and our gun stories here.

Thanks for writing!




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