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Letters To The Editor

Readers Ask: Why Are The Feds Opposing Meat?

To read the story referenced, “Federal Government Set To ‘Ban’ Meat?,” click here.

The decision to not eat meat should be made on an individual basis. However, I believe we were designed by GOD to eat meat and to support that claim. All you have to do is look at our teeth. Our teeth are similar to other omnivores in nature with incisors and canines that are for cutting and tearing meat, followed by molars for grinding and chewing. If we were designed to only eat vegetables, then we would have teeth more akin to a cow’s. But, hey, the advice of humans trumps Intelligent Design, right?



When are these enviro-nazis going to give up on their “global warming” baloney? We haven’t warmed in how many years now? I think we are at 15+ and counting. It’s all political. … Eat your lean meat. It’s better for you than rabbit food.

“Not So Free”


Whether it’s politics or not, eating “no meat” is the best nutritional advice available.


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  1. I would disagree. Eating “limited” animal protein is the best nutritional advice. People who do not eat meat become much more pliable and less likely to cause problems. Without animal protein you do not get Vitamin b12 and only recently have you been able to get all of your amino acids. With out a global market it would be impossible. Grass Fed Beef is awesome for you and even has Omega 3s so you can avoid the mercury infested fish! The China Study seemed to show that 5-15% of your diet of animal protein is best with over that leading to “rich” people diseases and under that leading to “poor” people diseases.

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