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Letters To The Editor

Regarding: Are Gardens Being Outlawed?

This overreaching control of local government is a result (actually a throwback) of the wealth building plan followed by so many in the past of using OPM and max leverage. Go’s like this; buy a house in a new sub, live there for 2 years and sell, now buy a larger house in a newer sub, repeat until one day you’re in a McMansion at which time you lose your job and it all vanishes to extreme debt.

While living in each one on your climb up, don’t dare use any out of the ordinary colors or changes, keep it appealing to the general sheeple = neutral.

Obviously this sinful method of keeping up with the Jones is outdated due our now dead housing market and especially in light of the coming economic collapse.

This is another reason we liquidated and moved to the rural countryside in a laid back county enjoying a sustainable frugal living!

God Bless!


I think we have a constitutional right to feed ourselves. And victory gardens are very good food. I’m hoping this couple prevails as the others who have been targeted for using their own property for life-sustaining activities.


  1. Dear Sirs:
    I was looking at your article “Master Life-Saving Skill of Shooting On The Move” and was shocked by the photo image chosen, originating from the Washington Post , showing a semi-auto pistol held in a very dangerous manner. I know the intent of the article was to stress survival and safety, however, the image you chose shows a lack or absence of training with semi-auto pistols and an almost guaranteed trip to the ER for stitches. It is not surprising that the Washington Post would use such an image but I was disappointed that your editorial staff did not recognize this oversight. Those who have not been trained will think this is proper gun handling, will try this, and get a unexpected trip to the ER. In a SHTF situation this could be a real problem. Please be more careful in the future and make sure PROPER and SAFE gun handling is portrayed.
    Tim T

  2. in your article on shooting on the move, jan. 20, 2014, you have a picture of someone pointing their gun and ready to shoot and their left thumb is behind the slide. you should change the picture as i’m sure you know that when the slide removes it does nasty things when fingers get in the way.

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