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Letters To The Editor

Dear Editor,

I have several questions that I haven’t seen covered and I’ve been following your posts for 2 years or so now. When prepping for a family, what type of hard copy books are you saving or stocking up on (types or titles)? I would appreciate any suggestions on this.


Dear J-,

I have a tremendous mix of books, everything from animal husbandry to beekeeping to vegetable gardening. I have several books on back to basics and smokehouses. I have books on natural remedies, herbs, and emergency medicine. I think about all the things that can happen in a SHTF situation and then try to find books or information to answer those questions. I have several large binders with information I have downloaded off the Internet, all sorted and categorized.

Then take into consideration the reading interests of your family and plan accordingly. Nothing is static, so include books for all age groups, from baby’s first books to adult. Non-fiction and fiction alike should be included. In addition, I would suggest religious books and study guides so that you can nourish your spirit as well as enrich your mind. In a world without power or in a world of economic calamity when we may not be able to afford the cost of entertainment, books will become worth their weight in gold.

The Editor



Dear Editor,

In a TEOTWAWKI situation, what kind of music items are you saving? What kinds of games should be saved for a family?


Dear S-,

In our house we have a piano, a guitar, and those pre-band flutes you used to get in grade school years and years ago (if you’re my age and lived through the sixties!). We also have two harmonicas. Your musical instruments of choice are really whatever you want them to be, except I wouldn’t plan on depending on any that require electricity unless you have a backup solar source. As far as games go, save those items that can span across age groups. Cards are a good choice, as is checkers or chess. Board games that you like to play should be included as well.

I would also suggest having a game of horseshoes, badminton, a soccer ball, basketball and hoop, and anything else that involves a physical sport.

In fact, these are the kinds of activities that you should be engaging in with your kids, your friends, and your spouse now! Forget the television or those activities where every person is in their own little cocoon. Relationships must be cultivated and you can’t do that on activities that are engaged in individually and not corporately.

The Editor

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