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Letters To The Editor


Isn’t that something? All the ruckus about some states requiring an ID card to vote but it’s OK for the FEDS to require us all to have ID cards just to be identified. If it is true that we will all need ID cards soon, then what’s the problem with needing them to vote? No one will be exempted anyway so why not require them for voting too? I bet the mainstream media won’t mention that though. They will still say it’s “racist” to require an ID to vote even though it sounds like the FEDS will require us all to have them anyway. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Born 2 Be Wild


I had to have every marriage certificate plus my birth certificate plus two forms proving where I live and yes I was not allowed to smile or wear my glasses even though I have to wear them to drive. Our drivers license and state ID cards are definitely our “papers.” If you want to abide by the law then you have to be cataloged and placed. Good luck out there fellow Americans!



That is why I no longer have a driver’s license, but still drive anyways. Has worked for the last fifteen years. Vehicles are insured through my company. I got tired of the Nanny State, so I made the choice to quit their game. I no longer fly, and never enter federal buildings, with the exception of my post office. I use an official USPS box address, but I found someone else to sign up for it so I can be in the clear. I will never attempt to collect SS, I got tired of all the extra over-regulating and have not looked back. Using a pre-paid-with-cash credit card with no info needed, and a checking account under a relatives name gets me around a lot of other BS. Paid the house(s) off years ago, all now in trusts, so I don’t have to be bothered with credit. I could go on and on, but many of us can make the choice if we carefully plan it out. Opt out!



  1. All good points made above. This issue goes much deeper than just voting. It truly is the step closest to the mark of the beast. I will not partake in this and will stand my ground against any and all who attempt to shove this down my throat or fellow Christians throats. We are called to resist evil and have already been made free. We have to do the upkeep and maintain that freedom.

    Lord help us and deliver us from our would be oppressors.

    • William McDougall

      The problem is that FEMA has built 800 detention camps around the country enough to hold 50 million people. They will send th Fema Kids to insert the rice grain sized chips under your skin. If you don’t accept it you off to the camps. Which by the way are equipped with guillotines. O’bummer is going to declare Martial Law before his term is over. They are already raiding farms that grow their own food and throwing them off their own property. Our own troops might not fire on us but at any given time there are 386,000 Russian troops in the US. Wearing our uniforms. They WILL shoot us. Go to Youtube and search for FEMA camps. It’ll scare you.

      • 800 detention camps
        hold 50 million people

        Surely you jest!

        While I believe Obama won’t obey the 20th Amendment any more than any of the other, the main reason I find “FEMA Camps” so hard to believe is no one can tell me where one is.

    • To Lionidas, yes, this is leading us all up to the Mark of the Beast, but it is not yet time for that mark. As a Christian, I feel that we must survive as long as we can until we are faced with the true Mark of the Beast decision. I believe that the evidence of what that mark will be so obvious, that we cannot confuse it with something else or even debate the issue. Because taking the true mark will damn us to Hell, I am sure we will not be deceived as to the true nature of the mark at that time. So, I don’t feel you are in any jeopardy accepting this I.D. card, which is just a glorified driver’s license. I truly believe the real mark will be tied into a requirement to swear allegiance either to the NWO system or to it’s false god, the Antichrist and that will be the tipoff. That’s when you make your stand against it. We must try and survive and long as we can so that we can be witnesses to the End of the Age.

  2. The concepts outlined previously are lost on the dull masses (as Einstein labeled them in his writing titled the “the world as I see it”) as the majority will never understand the reality of how we are losing our God given rights because they do not understand the perspectives spelled out nor can they critically think.

  3. I do not believe in hiding behind a relative’s or friend’s name so that I can be incognito with my own personal business (such as my mail and my checking account). I will not jeopardize some other person’s safety or privacy in this way.

  4. As much as I love the idea of doing away with a driver’s license, I would like to know how to get out of the inevitable instances of being stopped by a cop and having them find out you have no license, especially at the Nazi checkpoints that are popping up more and more across the country where the first thing they do is check for a drivers license as well as insurance. And if driving cross country this would appear to be an even bigger problem as a cop would love nothing better than to give an out of towner the special treatment for not having a valid drivers license. Id love to know the tricks to that trade so as to be able to do things like that as well.

  5. Only way I will accept / carry a national card is if indeed all voters are required to prove their eligibility to place a vote. Otherwise, at a minimum, I will destroy any electronic data on it by exposure to microwave &/or magnetism.

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