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Letters To The Editor

Fracking Should Be Halted

I am completely against fracking. Once a water-table is contaminated there is no way back and the companies applying for these ecological disasters know this and don’t care. There is enough evidence from the USA to show this. I’m appalled that the leaders of this country can see no further than their bank balances…. and that is all this ‘rush to frack’ is. If it was safe, France and Germany would be onto it like a shot. What is needed is a law to say for every frack contamination, all the directors of the company involved get a mandatory 10 year jail sentence, then see who is willing to take the chance!

Keith, United Kingdom


  1. Keith- You need to stop getting your information from Hollywood movies (believe it or not Keith they are really, really good at creating imaginary plots and false ‘realities’) and from eco-alarmist websites who usually follow up doomsday scenarios and corporate conspiracy theories with a plea for money to fill their coffers.
    I bet Keith believes that fracking is conducted right next to the water table (they are actually done from 1 to 4 MILES below any water tables) and that the well leaks fluid like a sieve (the well is spudded in with a large thick-walled steel pipe past the water table which is then cemented in sealing it against leaks and inspected by state regulators. Then another smaller thick-walled steel pipe is put into the well down to thousands of feet deep and again cemented into place. This is repeated over again until the oil/gas zone is reached, leaving the well bore up at the water table level with sometimes 3-5 layers of pipe and cement between the producing pipe and the water zone!).
    A high-tech instrument is then lowered into the well on a wireline and every inch of the cement bond is checked through the steel pipe and each layer of pipe is pressure tested to insure a tight seal and to prevent loss of product during production. Only then is a shaped-charge gun lowered to the level to be fraced and hole shot through the pipe and into the rock containing the oil & gas. Most people (including no doubt Keith) think the oil is in a big pool under the ground when actually it is rock as hard or harder than the concrete in your driveway! To get the oil out of the microscopic pores in the rock requires introducing a long crack in the producing zone to give enough surface for the hydrocarbons to pour into fast enough to make it economic. That is the job of fracking. Thick gel containing sand is pumped into the hole in the well bore under high pressures and volumes, which are kept under incredibly tight control to prevent the growing crack from going ‘out-of-zone’. If the crack leaves the producing zone it can create problems by wasting the gel in non-productive rock, or the crack can get into water zones in the surrounding rock (no Keith, these are not drinking water tables but dirty, salty brackish water surrounding most oil zones miles below our precious drinking water). This creates extra fluid to be removed at extra cost so it is in the best interest of the operator to prevent it.
    Keith, I have another proposition. If eco-alarmist are shown to be whipping up hysteria to raise money and power, all the leaders of THAT organization should be jailed for a minimum of 10 years. Let’s see how quickly the hysteria would be dialed back.

  2. Hum. The names Fukushima and Titanic come to mind. 10 years ain’t squat.

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