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Letters To The Editor

‘The Nanny State Has To Stop’

To read the story referenced, “Mom Charged With Child Endangerment For Letting Daughter Play In Park ACROSS THE STREET,” click here.

This is the way it should have gone….

Police receive an anonymous phone call. Police go to the park, find the child, and ask “Are you okay?” “Are you lost?” “Where do you live?” Upon being told that her house is across the street, police should determine if a parent is home, go to the house, and say, “We received a call about your daughter. Someone is concerned that she is too young to be in the park by herself. It might be best if you go with her, or if she has a designated adult to keep an eye on her when she’s across the street.”

The nanny state has to stop, and so does the “anonymous caller” routine. If you see a child alone, why not go check on her yourself instead of calling the cops? It’s overkill, and this behavior is pervasive in every part of our society. If we helped each other on a local level, we wouldn’t have the Federal Government breathing down everyone’s necks at every moment of the day.



In response to a letter from the editor:

Our tomatoes are as you described [not growing well]; but okra, squash and green beans are good. Next year I plan on growing everything in raised grow boxes which I think will do better. My daughter has done this the past three years and has more and healthier this way. And no weeding. Only my opinion for what it’s worth.



  1. Regarding “Nanny State”…I believe the reason the police were called was because the caller wanted to give the parent/s grief. I believe the child was known by the caller especially if they lived in the neighborhood for as little as a month’s time. Children going to and from school and with other siblings or a parent. Some folks aren’t happy unless they stir up the pudding, so to speak. Very hateful act IMO.

  2. Could not” submit a tip” , to the side here, so here goes, if you can hear this.
    Just viewed your video about the fearless power source. The statement was made, in print & audibly that it “quickly” recharges itself. Do you realize how subjective, or vague, quickly is ? It undermines credibility.

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