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Letters To The Editor

Readers Rejoice Over Monsanto Loss

Editor’s note: The story being referenced, “Monsanto Must Pay $93 Million After Poisoning Town,” can be read here.

Monsanto has had the FDA in its pocket for years! The health of our nation is pitiful and the medical industry is flourishing because our food supply is poisonous! People need to wake up and vote with their dollars and buy organic. Companies like Monsanto only look at the bottom line in terms of profit, so if people don’t buy their product they will change. The devastation that Monsanto has caused is wide-spread where independent farmers are concerned as well. They [have] all but run almost all of them out of business by going after them legally in order to force them to use their GMO seeds. IMHO Monsanto is a monster that needs to be brought down.



Finally! It was a matter of time before the beast was sent back to the dungeon! Wake up and rejoice America because we are slowly getting our country back!



This is awesome news. So glad that the town won out over the giant!!!!!!! Yes the chemicals do harm humans. All you have to do is look at the health history of farmers and anyone who has lived near or in an area that manufactures and heavily uses them. My brother was in ‘Nam and developed cancer because of Agent Orange but couldn’t find anyone that would stand up and say that was the cause.


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