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letters to the editor

More Off-Grid Ways To Stay Cool During Summer

Nice article. I have been meaning to buy rolls of burlap that are wide enough to hang in front of doorways that lead outside, maybe hook the burlap to a screen door, so you can get the burlap wet and let the breeze cool the house down. Also, Old West homes had windows that went floor to ceiling with slider windows on the very bottom and the very top to let hot air out and cool air in, especially once the sun was going down.



Perennial planting. Three rows of sunflowers. On the east, southwest/west side of house. Skyscraper variety height 10-12+ feet planted just outside of eave/gutters. Mammouth sf 2 foot wide, 8 foot tall. Two rows out from the skyscrapers, staggered. Only 8 bucks initial outlay for seasonal edible shade … finch, cardinal, bee, chicken, people food. Dried Stalks excellent kindling. Mason bee homes with sawed up stalks. Save enough seed. Repeat. Windows shaded. Bricks 50 degrees cooler. House has stayed much cooler. Thermal mass of brick used to stay hot to touch 2 hours after sunset on west side…no more.


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