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Letters To The Editor

Readers: America Not Ready For Major Solar Flare

The crash of the power grid would just be the beginning! I’ve read that nuclear power facilities only keep enough fuel for the backup generators for 30 days. However, it takes about 3 years to cool down a nuclear facility. That means about 30 days after the next Carrington event we would have over a hundred Fukushimas going off all over the U.S. with not even a hint of controlling the problem. We must impress on our elected officials to prepare for extensive, long-term disruption if such an event happens again. Plus, since the side of the earth facing the sun would be most affected, we have to be concerned about how other countries prepare. They may not have as many nuclear plants as we do, but it won’t take many to destroy almost all life on earth.



In my opinion, a solar flare is much more likely than the EMP event described in One Second After. Not the same exactly, but close enough for planning purposes. That book should serve as a wake-up call to America and the rest of the world.




How are hand tools better than power tools for the homestead job?

I use a sabre saw for cutting any wood. One day I used the old hand saw for cutting a tomato stake. In less time that it would take to drag out and plug in the sabre saw, my job was complete. I will use this sharp tool more often to get acclimated to it during blackouts.




  1. What does this story:”how computer hackers could set your house on fire—remotely” have to do with off grid living ?

  2. That nuclearmpower plant 30days/3years stat is insane! Sometimes I question weather mankind is the smartest critter on this rock…..

  3. the article about fall planting should include zones that those items will work in….sorry but here in Maine…there is not enough time to grow anything but MAYBE kale of those 8 listed and kale would be iffy. Think globally not locally please when you write an article.

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