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Letters To The Editor

More Tips For Building 3-Month Food Stockpile

To read the story referenced, “The Cheapest Way To Build A 3-Month Food Stockpile,” click here.

I try to buy Campbell’s chunky soups, Dinty Moore Beef Stew, canned tuna, etc. when they are on sale. I have a large supply of honey, salt and bullion cubes. So far, I am avoiding 5 gallon pails. I have some MRE’s, and need more. I stay with products that I am familiar with. I have a rather simple bottom to top rotation. Don’t forget to check your paper goods occasionally for rodent activity.



Stockpiling enough food for at least two or three weeks only makes sense, especially with the freaky weather we’ve had the past few months. With all the rain Texas has had in the past few days, what’s going to happen if we get winter storms that are this big? The government suggests that you keep enough food and water for at least two weeks, I believe. I’ve been snowed in for two days, and want to be prepared for being housebound for a week or more.



Natural disasters are not the only reason to stockpile. If you lose your job then for you that is a crisis! That for me is reason enough to stockpile food, water, extra medication, and any extra cash. Just because we get overtime or extra money somewhere does not mean we just got to run out and buy something. Just my two cents!!


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