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Letters To The Editor

Tips For Making A Survival Food That Lasts 50 Years


To read the story referenced, “How To Make Pemmican: A Survival Superfood That Can Last 50 Years,” click here.

Pemmican needs to be JUST dried raw meat pounded JUST to fiber, not powder and mixed with JUST fat to last the longest. Berries, fruits, vegetables, liquids and flavorings reduce its shelf life. I got that from an Indian site.



To read the story referenced, “How To Raise Low-Maintenance (Stink-Free) Pigs For All The Meat You Need,” click here.

I have had many friends who have raised pigs as pets and as food and it’s wrong to say that pigs are naturally dirty. They can be trained to “go” in a sand box, or outside, are very washable and love to bath and they also make excellent guard dogs, are usually more intelligent than most domesticated animals and in the end, they will make some very delicious bacon.

All in all, a very good investment.


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