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Letters To The Editor

A Divide On Fracking And Earthquakes

There were a series of earthquakes in Poland township, Ohio, that were proven to be from fracking in the Utica. What is it going to take to put 2+2 together and come up with 4!?!



I live in an area of Colorado with more than 10,000 fractured or “fracked” wells all around me. (I can see several from my house). With all that, we haven’t had earthquakes, dead cattle, poisoned water wells or any other threatened effects. Geologists will tell you how there are many “undiscovered” faults which lay unknown until they suddenly become active. Example? Google “New Madrid Fault” and be prepared for a terrifying lesson. When (not if) the New Madrid ruptures again, we’ll see the Midwest torn apart and our national infrastructure damaged on a level we’ve never seen. Oklahoma may be experiencing the awakening of one of these previously “undiscovered” faults.



I live in west Texas where we have tens of thousands of oil and gas wells of various depths, from 2000 feet to over 30,000 feet. ALL of which have been fracked and acidized to stimulate production. We’ve been fracking wells here in the Permian Basin since the late 1930s… least 75 years.

We have NEVER had swarms of earthquakes in the Permian Basin where all these wells are located. And we have tens of thousands of saltwater injection wells in the area….I even have one on my small farm that injects 350,000 barrels of saltwater per month at a depth of 7000 feet.

So, NO, I don’t believe fracking causes earthquakes….nor do saltwater injection wells.

Get a life, people!



Regarding: What tips do you have for emergency communication?

I have hand held CBs for my emergency communication stored in old paint cans in case of EMTs and grid collapse.



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